Design of a New Type Wind Powered Water Pump

    Wind has been an important renewable energy resource for human beings that it has become a key to utilize and store wind energy in technology development for energy. A lot of methods have been applied to energy storage, such as power generation, heat production, water pumping, and gas compression. Wind-powered Chinese square-pallet chain-pumps used to be the major pumping machinery for farmland irrigation and salt processing in Tianjin and northern JiangsuProvince in China before 1980. Based on the restoration and the engineering analysis of vertical-axis-type Chinese windmill, Chinese great windmill for short, this study tends to precede the innovative design of a new type wind powered water pump.


    The windmachine of the new type wind powered water pump, according to the structure and the motion mode of Chinese great windmill, focuses on the design of sail. With the analyses of motion and power between Chinese great windmill and its sail, the angles of thesail at the first limit position () and the second limit position (λ), when the optimal torque is output, are acquired for the innovative design of the new type sail; and, a new type windmill with simply structure, easily disassembled sail, and possibility to adapt to various directions of wind is further achieved.

    To effectively enhance the height of pumping and the transmission efficiency, this study utilizes modern pump designing and transmission mechanism to replace the Chinese square-pallet chain-pump and the transmission shaft driven by Chinese great windmill. Pump designing applies double-acting force pump and torque amplification mechanism combines crank-rock mechanism and slider-crank mechanism. The new type wind powered water pump therefore couldeffectively promote the pumping capability and the efficiency of Chinese great windmill as well as meet the water demand of modern farmland irrigation, salt processing, and fish farm.